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Olamide Adu

Data Scientist


Data Scientist based in Copenhagen
  • Background: Degrees in Forest Sciences and Nature Management, supplemented by Data Science training with R
  • Specialization: unraveling complex data to provide actionable insights.
  • Skills: Advanced R programming, Data Scraping, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, MS Excel, Model development and deployment
  • Tools: R, RShiny, PowerBI, ArcGIS, Heroku
  • Experience: Carbon emission modelling, nature management, and business analytics, healthcare analytics
  • Approach: Focused on sustainability projects, ecosystem modeling, time-series analysis, nature-based projects, data modeling (machine-learning based projects) and deployment, data story telling
  • Personal Info

    1. Email :
    2. Phone : +459169583
    3. Linkedin : Olamide Adu
    4. Address : Copenhagen, Denmark
    5. Github : xrander

    My Expertise

    Data Analysis and Visualization

    Transforming raw data into insightful visualizations and strategic decisions.

    Data Driven Research

    Answering business questions through rigorous research using data.

    Custom Data Solutions

    Tailoring services to meet unique organizational needs.

    Training and Workshops

    Educating on data analysis, visualization, modeling and best practices using R.

    Storytelling with Data

    Creating narratives that connect with all audience types.


    Hours Worked

    7+ Fields

    Diverse Project including healthcare, nature management

    8+ tools

    Technologically Savvy

    65 +

    Project Finished

    My Services

    Data Analysis and Visualization Services

    Rate: €30 per hour.

    Machine Learning Solutions

    Rate: €42 per hour.

    Data-Backed Research and Insights

    Rate: €32 per hour

    Dashboard Creation and Web Applications

    Rate: €40 per hour

    Data Quality and Assurance

    Rate:€30 per day and vary based on complexity

    Analytics Training and Workshop

    Rate:€40 per day

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